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oasis explorer

a prototype*

*Experience the early essence of the
Vignette Effect and influence the future of oasis.

explore with us.

a prototype*

This prototype is our way of bringing you into the loop early, gathering your thoughts and feedback on this tangible piece of our vision, albeit without the tech.

click for asmr sounds

oasis explorer


A tech-free prototype.

Improve your focus.

Reduce visual distractions.

Play a role in the future
     development of oasis.

*Tracked Shipping Included



Did we miss something? Don't forget you can
always drop us an email:
or send a WhatsApp message!

Is Explorer free?
Can I wear my perscription glasses with it?
How many prototypes are available?
What if it breaks?
Will there be future version of Oasis Explorer?
Where can I use Explorer?
How can I provide my feedback?
When will Oasis Explorer start shipping?
When will the final version of Oasis be ready?
Any other questions?
Can I use when driving?